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Time to say "I Do"

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Somerset, Brympton House offers a timeless and enchanting setting for weddings. Steeped in history and romance, this magnificent estate provides a captivating backdrop for couples seeking a fairy-tale celebration. From the moment guests step onto the grounds, they are enveloped in the grandeur of its historic architecture and meticulously manicured gardens.

Whether exchanging vows in the elegant Georgian chapel or beneath the boughs of ancient trees in the sprawling grounds, each ceremony is imbued with an air of sophistication and charm. The opulent interiors of Brympton House, adorned with intricate detailing and adorned with exquisite antiques, provide an exquisite setting for receptions. 

With its blend of natural beauty, architectural splendor, and impeccable service, Brympton House promises to create cherished memories that last a lifetime for every couple who chooses to say "I do" within its enchanting walls.



Brympton House comes alive with anticipation - an evening dedicated to welcoming guests and setting the stage for the grand celebration to come.

From near and far, loved ones gather within the storied walls of this historic estate, greeted by the warm glow of candlelight amidst the elegant backdrop of the estate's charming reception rooms and lush gardens. Old friends reunite and new bonds form as laughter mingles with the exchange of tales from years gone by over drinks as guests reminisce, sharing fond memories and recounting cherished moments, weaving a tapestry of shared history and heartfelt connection.

'The Night Before' at Brympton House is not just a prelude to the main event; it is a celebration of love, friendship, and the joyous journey that lies ahead, casting a spell of enchantment that lingers in the hearts of all who gather to herald the dawn of a new chapter.


  • Exclusive use of the reception rooms.

  • Fully-stocked and staffed bar until Midnight.



At Brympton House  Weddings we understand the importance of making your wedding entirely unique, bespoke and personal – which is why we offer the choice of 3 magical spaces to say “I Do” in.

For Civil Ceremonies, you can choose between the romantic Castle House, a medieval building adjacent to the main house, or the sublime Temple on the South Terrace for a dreamy outdoor wedding. Religious ceremonies can take place in the Church of St Andrews, which nestles in the estate grounds.


  • Say 'I Do' in one of three locations on the estate.

  • Limitless capacity across the property to cater for even the largest of parties.

Castle House

Castle House dates back to 1350 and this stunning medieval chapel is the most romantic ceremony space. With an elegant long aisle, leading up to a beautiful arched mullion window, it has the air of a Church. It provides a perfect ceremony space throughout the year and can seat up to 200 guests. Double doors at the rear of the building lead onto the South Terrace – a wonderful spot to host your drinks reception.

St. Andrew's Church

If you would prefer a religious ceremony, then look no further than the beautiful 13th Century St Andrews Church which nestles in the grounds of Brympton House. Described as one of the most ‘stunning’ churches in the UK and included in the 100 best churches in the UK, St. Andrews is definitely one not be missed. It is lit entirely by candlelight.

The Temple

If you like the idea of an outdoor Ceremony you can say your vows under the pretty façade of the stunning open sided Temple, situated on the South Terrace. With the house on one side, and the beautiful grounds and lake on the other, there can be no finer setting for a romantic outdoor wedding ceremony.