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The benefits of having a wedding coordinator that no-one tells you about

As a wed-to-be, you might already know some of the perks of working with a professional wedding coordinator. It is commonly known that coordinators can offer lots of great and invaluable advice as well as help you stay on budget, ensuring your wedding day runs smoothly. However, there are loads of other benefits of hiring a professional wedding coordinator that many couple do not know about. Here are the benefits that no-one tells you about. At Brympton House, we have a wonderful team of in-house wedding coordinators who have, collectively, coordinated weddings at Brympton House for over 30 years. They know the venue inside-out, have tons of advice and are a pillar of support for you in the lead up to your big day.

Thank you to the incredible, HOW Photography, for these beautiful images.

You will save money

Surprised? Hiring a wedding planner can actually save you money. Many people think that hiring a wedding coordinator will increase the cost of the wedding day. In fact, it is the other way around! Often, a coordinator is going to help keep your wedding in check and get you value for your money. Wedding coordinators have no problem managing your wedding budget, negotiating costs with your suppliers, make suggestions as well as help you with big money decisions.

They are like your non-judgmental friend

Your wedding day coordinator wants to make you happy, and they also want to hear you out. Your planner is there for you no matter what. If there is any wedding-planning related conflict between you and loved ones along the way, a planner can sometimes act as a mediator in those conversations.

They won't always agree with you, but that is not a bad thing

Your wedding coordinator may not always agree with you, but that’s only because they want to ensure that you are making the best decisions for your wedding. Of course, a good wedding coordinator will work to make your dreams come true. But if you’re making an impulsive decision or a choice that will cause logistical issues down the line, it’s the coordinators job to make you aware of this. It’s important that your planner is honest with you and makes sure that you’re making the best decisions for your wedding day.

They will save you time

Most of us have pretty busy work lives, and wedding planning can take up time. Wedding coordinators work around you, and often offer evening as well as weekend meetings to work around your schedule. Wedding coordinators become like your personal wedding PA, and by doing this they give you back some of your well earned time. They can respond to emails when you do not have time, take phone calls that you don’t want to deal with and provide you with endless amounts of ideas, inspirations and suggestions.

They bring your ideas to life

Despite what some films might portray, most wedding coordinators are not going to take over your wedding. They are, however, heavily involved in the planning process, so you will have to trust them. It is, therefore, important that their personality is a good fit for you and your partner. Your wedding coordinator will be your eyes on your wedding day; there to ensure everything is exactly as you want it to be and help bring your ideas to life.

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