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Ten top reasons why you should have a Winter Wedding

You heard it here first: Winter weddings have a lot going for them, and they are on the rise. Being a Winter bride or groom is basically the best! If you are unsure about a Winter wedding, then have a look at our Top Ten reasons why you should choose a Winter wedding, and we are sure you'll warm right up to the Winter wedding advantages. From less stress over the weather to competitive hire costs, here's why you'll be grateful to get married in the Winter season.


If you are lucky enough to be blessed with a sprinkling of snow ahead of your big day, you can snap some stunning snowy wedding photos that'll rival any sun-drenched Summer snapshot.

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Winter weddings mean that you can find the perfect season-appropriate wedding venue. Country House Wedding venues that have big hallways and grand open fireplaces (at Brympton we are certainly not short of these!) are perfect. As your guests arrive, serve mulled wine and other seasonal drinks alongside the roaring fire.

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If you’ve set your heart on a particular venue, often you will probably find it easier to get a Saturday date in Winter than in Summer. What’s more, it’s even easier to book your venue if you decide to get married midweek. Your guests will also find it easier to get accommodation locally and may decide to have a mini Winter break as a result too! Choosing a Winter wedding can sometimes give you a bargaining chip with your suppliers. Winter isn’t considered peak wedding season, so you’ll probably find your suppliers have more availability as well.


Although the time of year might not be the reason you choose a Winter wedding, there are many benefits to a celebration around Christmas. For one, any venue you select will most likely already be decorated which adds a more celebratory feel to your special day...and, at no cost to you.

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One thing we love about Winter weddings is the lack of stress about the weather! The risk of rain and wind can make the planning period extremely stressful. Taking mother nature out of the equation means less stress for you. You’ll be expecting Winter weather, your guests will also be ready for it and you’ll have less space to have to try and dress. It’s a bonus if you get snowfall on your big day. However, the good thing about a Winter wedding is that you’re not banking on the weather. We doubt you’ll be stalking the weather forecasts quite so fervently!


If you get married over the Christmas period and New Year, you will find that many people have already taken time off work in any case, so if you want to have a midweek wedding then go for it! A wedding on New Year’s Eve can be incredible too. What better way to start off a new year than being newlyweds? Of course, Winter isn’t just Christmas, you could get married over Valentine’s Day and still have a wintery and romantic theme.

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The Spring and Summer months can get very busy with weddings - so much so that your family, friends, and guests can start to get a serious case of wedding fatigue! A January, February or March wedding is likely to be the only one your guests attend that Winter, which makes it something that people will really look forward to and focus on. If you marry in the Winter, it’s unlikely your guests will have been to as many weddings in the weeks leading up to your big day too, and they’ll be ready for a good party!

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With the nights drawing in, you can start your evening party that little bit sooner, which means you have longer to enjoy it. You can use fairy lights and lots of candles to create a magical and whimsical feel to the day. Use candles to light walkways outside, also,  if your budget stretches to it, why not have a firework display after the speeches? Remember to book an early wedding ceremony, otherwise you will run out of daylight. If you go for a 3.30pm ceremony the light will be gone by the time you get out of the ceremony. Winter weddings also work well for smaller more intimate groups as you’ll already have a cosy atmosphere to start with too!

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We recommend you enhance your big day look with accessories in rich plums, forest greens, berry reds and scarlets. Winter Wonderland weddings can look spectacular. With dramatic winterscapes, starry skies and glowing fires there's no better time to go heavy on the glamour, and it's carefully chosen bridal accessories that help pull the winter bride look together. Think chic cover-ups, high-shine hair accessories and decadent jewels – it's an unforgettable look. Channel your inner snow queen with luxurious ivory faux furs that add warmth and glamour. A wrap is must if you're opting for a strapless dress!

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And finally, if you marry during the Summer months you may pay more for your honeymoon as it’s during the school holiday season, however marry in December or the Winter months and you won’t have this issue. Moreover, it’s the perfect time to visit the Maldives, South Africa or a Caribbean island. Who doesn’t love a bit of Winter sun?!

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