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How to transition your wedding decor to a different Season

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Spring and many Summer weddings have postponed to the latter end of the year; late Summer, Autumn and Winter. As such, Summer nuptials are now transforming into Autumn and Winter celebrations. If you initially chose a Spring/Summer colour palette you may be wondering how to make your chosen hues work for your new date. Blush tones may not be what you first envision for an Autumn wedding.. but here is the good news: any colours work for any season!

Peter & Veronika Photography

Your colour palette doesn’t have to coordinate with the weather - you should not feel pressured to change your colours to match the season, go with what makes you happy!

Ellie, the director of Styling and Flowers from Style By Design gives her thoughts on how to transition your wedding decor.


Ellie explains, "Some of our Spring weddings chose a pretty pastel palette of blush pinks, purples, blues, yellows and greens, and are now planning for an Autumnal or Winter wedding. The good news is that Spring colours work for both - so do not panic and think thank you have to change your whole wedding feel. We recommend adding a deeper tone such as a grey or earth colours, such as tan, to your pastels. Think of it like layering a very fine layer of grit over your colours.. yes it sounds weird, but once you compare shades like blush pale pinks with a moodier ‘dusty rose’, you'll start to understand the difference and see how the palette feels a little more "moody", in keeping with the Autumnal and Winter Season."

Emma Barrow Photography

"Another thing to consider is adding in smaller accents that we can add in to deepen the palette. I recommend incorporating darker florals and/or coloured candles to make the palette more versatile. Both Emily and I also love adding seasonal fruits - think figs, Winter cherries pomegranates, grapes or cherries."

Liz Baker Photography


"A lot of our Summer wedding palettes tend to be blush tones, with greenery but we also have lots of couples who opt for a bold and bright colour scheme. Again, you do not have to write off your chosen colours if you're moving from Summer to a different time of year - bright palettes are trending all year round! If you want to add a nod to your new season then one idea is to focus on textures, for example switching out lighter linen tablecloths for heavier velvet in the same hue is a nice touch. If you want to make more of a change then you can look to add in some darker tones - dark candles are an easy change and add some drama."

Katie Julia Photography

"You may have to be a little flexible, but flowers are beautiful all year round, and we can work with you to create something incredible!"

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