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Having an outdoor wedding

Have you always dreamed of a dreamy outdoor wedding? Here are some important things to consider when planning a beautiful outdoor wedding.


Outdoor weddings make beautiful settings for wedding ceremonies and create breathtaking photographs. If you choose an outdoor wedding, you may also save on flower costs as the natural landscape provides visual interest without much added décor!


If you have a large guest list (over 250) and worry about fitting all your guests into St.Andrews church or Castle House, an outdoor setting is the right choice. Outdoors, guests can feel free to spread out as far as they want. Kids even have the option of going to a separate area, where they can run, play, and let out their energy.


Nothing beats natural lighting for beautiful wedding pictures. Make sure to hire a professional photographer who knows how to take beautiful images after the sun sets as well. Some may prefer the brightness of the early afternoon sun, perfect for a brighter wedding. This can then lead on to a late afternoon wedding breakfast.


Being outdoors in the fresh air is more family friendly as the children don’t feel as confined. Parents can relax more as noises from the little ones don’t carry as far and it gives an all round more enjoyable experience. Everyone feels happier when they are out and about surrounded by nature and the natural lighting lends itself to showing off your better side.


There is so much flexibility with having an outdoor ceremony, and as the weather in the UK can be temperamental (!) you can move your wedding indoors last minute if needed. Castle House is certainly not a bad back up plan either!

Many thanks to Caro Hutchings for use of these beautiful photos.

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