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Engaged? 3 top tips!

Congratulations - you’re engaged!

At the beginning of your wedding day journey, it’s sometimes confusing to know what to do first. By following our handy guide, you will be sure to include the important first steps in the right order.

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An engagement party; this can be as grand and fancy or as simple and elegant as you like. Some couples choose not to host a formal party at all. Costs can quickly mount up with formal parties. Think of the costs of venue hire, food, drink, new outfits etc. So try to think outside the box. A picnic on the beach or hosting a dinner party at home is so much lighter on your purse.

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Choose your venue! This can seem a monumental task as there are so many to choose from! Once you’ve booked the venue, you can book your wedding date and complete the all-important. So, think about the kind of wedding you want. Do you want an exclusive use country house venue where you will be the only ones getting married at the venue on that day? Or is a grand function room in a posh hotel more your kind of thing. Do you want a church or civil ceremony space on site so that your friends and family don’t have far to travel on the day? Or does the local registry office fit the bill? Do you want accommodation on site and a beautiful honeymoon suite?

If the answer is yes to exclusive use in a grand country house then you should consider a country house wedding venue that offers exclusive use such as Brympton House in Somerset.

Jennifer Jane Photography


Send out those save the dates. Your friends will book their holidays at the beginning of every year, so they will need notice particularly if you are choosing a midweek date!

Jennifer Jane Photography

A huge thank you to Jennifer Jane Photography for these gorgeous photos!

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