Choosing your Photographer!

An extremely vital part of every couple’s wedding is their photographer, as the wedding photos are a collection of memories and moments from the big day, meaning they have to be just perfect! Every photographer has a different style and it’s up to you to decide which photographer’s style best fits the one you’re going for. There’s so much to take into consideration, and you have to ensure that you and your photographer are on the same page if you want your wedding story to be perfectly displayed through your photographs. We have a list of wonderful recommended photographers. Many thanks to David Jenkins for the photos used below, who is one of our wonderful recommended photographers!

To assist you in finding “The One” we found this great list of questions to ask (courtesy of Rock My Wedding)


Between what hours will you be available to photograph our wedding?

If we want you to be there longer than your standard hours – how much is that?

Do you charge for travel expenses?

How many images do you get and in what format can they be supplied?

How much are extra images?

Will their be a second shooter?

And if so is that an extra cost?

Do you offer an engagement shoot as part of the package or is that additional cost?

Are you fully insured? And what does this cover

Can you recommend a videographer?

How is best to prep you for what photos you want including?

What part of the day will be best for us to have some couples portraits?

Do you know our venue?

How long after the wedding will it be until we see our photos and where does that happen? At your studio or are we sent them online?

Do you have online galleries for us and family to choose from?

Can we get high res images that we can print ourselves and is this part of your package or an extra cost?

If we use your print option, how long after selection should we expect to receive an album. How much does an album cost?

Can friends and family purchase their own prints?

The details of your photographer’s work becomes even more important now, as you need a photographer that will pick the perfect time and light, find a gorgeous backdrop, and produce some incredible shots. Ask to see examples of portraits shot by your photographer and decide what would make you both feel comfortable in front of the camera.

You can narrow your list down even more once seeing photographers group shots, as they usually set many photographers apart. Your photographer will understand that it’s important to have certain groups of people together in one image, and that you may want a relaxed, natural look. But it’s your decision whether you even want to have group shots or not, so it’s perfectly okay if you don’t want any group shots.

How Do They Capture Details & Moments?

You want a photographer that knows just when to capture all the precious moments of your big day. The emotional first dance, the tears of joy, and all the smiles that will be lit up throughout the day. On the day, you won’t be able to be everywhere at the same time, so you want to be able to look back through your images and see the moments you may have not been able to on the day. A wedding photographer that is able to capture these moments is a keeper!

We know you probably would have put your all into your wedding decor, so of COURSE you’re going to want these shots to be captured with great detail and well framed, at the best possible angles. These images can reveal how good a photographer really is, and you want a variety of close up details. Shots of the room, favours and table settings all need to be taken into consideration as they are just important as the other photos taken on the day.

In order for your wedding photographs to turn out just how you want them to, you need to search for the right photographer for you. One whose style compliments your theme, and simply has the style you’re going for. Be sure to ask them all the questions you need to before

choosing them, and don’t settle for anything that isn’t what you want