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Autumnal weddings at Brympton House

There is nothing quite like an Autumn wedding. Spring and Summer weddings are always popular – after all, who doesn’t love a bit of sun? and Winter weddings feel luxurious and cosy. But Autumn? That’s when a special kind of magic happens!

Looking at everything from flowers to food and photography, this is a truly dreamy season to get married.

In the UK, Autumn officially runs from late September to mid-December, according to the Met Office – that’s Tuesday 22nd September to Monday 21st December, to be precise. Obviously, there is a variation in temperature so if you really feel the cold look at dates in early Autumn. The average temperature is 20°C in September and 16°C in October.

Albert Palmer Photography


With Autumn weddings you do not have to worry about providing shade for potentially over heating guests. What’s more, it’s easier to keep your bridal look immaculate if you don’t have to sweat-proof your make-up or worry about humidity. The chances are that it may still be just warm and sunny enough to nip outside for some photographs too! It’s always safe to plan for a day that may be affected by rain, but then it’s a pleasant surprise if the sun is shining.


Autumn is known for its rich and sumptuous colours: reds, oranges, purple and greens with pops of gold. If you decide to let the season guide your wedding colour palette, you can create a wonderfully inviting look.But you don’t have to go bold at at autumn wedding. A palette of muted pinks, faded coral and touches of greenery is just as season-appropriate.

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A lot of the good stuff comes into season in the UK in autumn. For meat and fish-eaters, it’s the time for game – venison, pheasant and rabbit, for example – and seafood including clams, oysters and crab. There’s plenty for vegetarians too, such as cauliflower, leeks, cabbage, potatoes – and, of course, pumpkins! Your caterer can add a luxe finishing touch to any dish. Now the food itself on the big day is something that should definitely not be over looked, to keep an autumnal theme with the food will also help create a warm and indulgent atmosphere. You could opt for a pumpkin spiced soup, a hearty roast dinner accompanied by butternut squash, then maybe finish up with an apple crumble.


With both Diwali and Bonfire Night occurring in November, this is peak firework season, so you can give a nod to the time of year with display. What about a sparkler walkway across to the Party Barn too!

Albert Palmer Photography


With the leaves changing colour in dramatic fashion, you’ll have some beautiful natural backdrops to your wedding photos. What’s more, while spring and summer light can be harsh, autumn light is generally softer and more flattering, particularly early in the season. As it gets dark earlier, just make sure you talk to your photographer about timings, so you don’t miss out on natural light for your newlywed photos.The photography of your wedding at that time of year will also be very impactful! Not only will the light be softer, with fewer harsh shadows cast than a summer wedding, but the earlier evenings also means that your photographer will have the chance to capture some truly dramatic sunset shots. Imagine the vibrancy of the autumnal leaves against a stunningly coloured sky, that romantic warmth – no photograph will compare to that!

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