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A hidden gem in Somerset

Exquisite is the single word that comes to mind when you look at Brympton house. It truly is a venue that anyone can picture their special and unforgettable day taking place. Located in the beautiful county of Somerset, the House stands out as being classic and imposing amongst the landscape.

Somehow Brympton house manages to be grand and striking, yet simple and serene at the same time; leaving so much room for flexibility and a sense of uniqueness with each event that takes place on the estate.

You may have found that your wedding venue shortlist list is just lacking the wow factor. You’ve done a few viewings maybe, but your just not happy that the venues you have will live up to the occasion. Brympton is the type of venue that quickly invites itself into the final choices shortlist.

The House provides for the most simple, to the most glamorous wedding, which makes it all the more ‘wedding venue of my dreams’ material. The complication of deciding where to host the ceremony, and then where to host the reception, and THEN making sure they’re not all too far away from each other, is simplified with Brympton house.

From the Castle House, to the Ballroom, to the Terrace, to the Great Hall; the house is filled with a number of gorgeous spaces to hold every part of your wedding day. Brympton has everything you could possibly need to bring your dream day from your beautiful fantasy to a stunning reality!

It can be hard to find a venue that stands out from literally ALL the rest. But at Brympton, it’s almost impossible to not be completely mesmerised by its breathtaking scenery. The longest and oldest continuous wooden staircase in England is only one of the many features that makes Brympton house so amazingly unique.

Weddings at Brympton house are romantic, elegant and timeless. The amazing photography captured here by HOW photography doesn’t fail to capture the pure elegance of the house.

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